Tweet #cccwnm

As a process assignment for this course, I ask you to actively share your thoughts and ideas via a Twitter account using the #cccwnm hashtag.

Twitter works best when you actively engage in exchanges with people and create conversations that can be meaningful in a variety of different ways. To that end, you will engage with the course and your course mates through Twitter on a regular basis. There are two required ways for you to tweet for the course. Of course, you can also tweet and engage in additional ways.

Twitter Assignment 2: Live Tweets

Reading and working on assignments are often perceived as a solitary experiences but in our networked society it need not be. In order to help us all engage with the texts and our activities outside of class and create a collective experience of our thinking, I would like you to live tweet as you read and work on assignments, posting to Twitter whatever comes to your mind as you read /view/watch/listen to/ our shared texts or work on our individual and collaborative assignments.

By whatever comes to your mind I mean things that are about your process of thinking with specific connections to our course materials, Â discussions, and assignments. Try to limit tweets that give a simple thumbs up or thumbs down. Instead try to convey some insight.

Be sure to make clear which reading, video, or assignment you’re tweeting about. This can be done in the content of the tweet or by mentioning the author by twitter handle (e.g. @zeynep), using a hashtag for an author’s name or article reference (such as #tufeki or #teargas), and so on. This is important because we want to be sure we know which materials you’re tweeting about.

You can and should also actively @name reply (e.g. @sbmalley) to other class members frequently so that we can begin discussions about what you’re working on outside of the classroom and then continue those discussions when we meet in the classroom. Add the #cccwnm hashtag to all live tweets.

Twitter Assignment 2:Cool Links

As we explore the theory and practice of writing in digital, networked spaces this semester, you may stumble upon interesting materials for our class to consider. When that happens, tweet the link to us all using the #cccwnm hashtag and provide as much context as 140 characters will allow.


There is no required number of tweets to live-tweet or to send cool links, but if you like numbers, think 10 #cccwnm tweets a week or more.

The more you tweet in meaningful ways, the more engaged you can and will become with the course materials and your peers in the course.

You will be evaluated on both the level of your participation and on the extent to which you tweets are related to and further the collaborative learning in our seminar.