Students explore rhetorical theories and practices that shape digital networked interaction and literacies. In this course students interact with, analyze, and research technologies and literacies that have transformed communication practices and then turn their attention to producing digital artifacts and materials. Issues covered may include the relationship between print and digital culture, creative content licensing, content strategy and curation, perspectives on authorship, the social and cultural dimensions of technology, and professional models of writing associated with digital media. Each section takes a unique approach to the hands-on exploration of exploring, consuming, creating, and even hacking digital networked spaces and cultures.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Analyze digital works, communities, and/or applications to understand rhetorical, social, cultural, and political implications of digital media environments;
  • Recognize and categorize important genres (such as blogs, wikis, single-serving sites, etc.) and categories (such as multimodal, distributed, social, etc.) of new media communication;
  • Apply rhetorical and design theories and principles to new media writing and content development;
  • Use multiple digital tools and print materials to conduct research and to produce digital artifacts;
  • Apply principles of fair use, copyright, and documentation conventions for print and digital media.

No. This is not the complete syllabus.

The weekly syllabus for this course, including assigned reading material, assignments, and grade book are in our Moodle course site. You will find some helpful things here. Check out the “Interesting Stuff” page on a regular basis. I post things there that may, or may not, make it into the official course calendar.One of the most helpful things on this site will probably be the links provided in the sidebar. You will find links to your classmates’ web sites and an updated list of content building and strategizing tools in the menu on the right. As you find additional cool tools or digital media information, tweet to us with the #cccwnm hashtag.