Scottish Government Private Tenancy Agreement

If your lease is terminated and you think you have been prompted to leave the proceedings, you can apply for an “incorrect termination order” in the first animal court. There are six initiations/forms that are stipulated in the legislation and which must be used for specific purposes when a tenant has a private lease. These include an exit notice and a communication on rent increases. It is a contract between you and your landlord that defines your rights and obligations while you lease the property. Your rights depend on the type of rental you have. If you are not sure what type of lease you have our online rental checks to find out. If you`re not sure yet, you can ask a counsellor. Other conditions, called “additional conditions,” are terms you may have in your lease. They cover a number of rules, and you should read them to check that they apply to your property.

Any new lease you enter into on December 1, 2017 is a private residential lease agreement for as long as possible: all PRT agreements are legally required to include a number of basic rights and obligations, also known as “mandatory clauses.” These appear at the beginning of the written agreement and are followed by optional conditions added by the lessor, which are called “discretion clauses.” If you inform your landlord, but change your mind before it ends, you can ask them to continue the lease instead. It`s up to your landlord to decide if they want to agree. If you need information about the terms of your lease, you can discuss it with your landlord or contact the consulting organizations in the following section on the sources of advice and assistance. If you already reside in the property under another type of agreement and it is changed to PRT, your owner must provide a written copy with one of the above supporting documents within 28 days of the change. Your landlord is not obligated to use the standard contract to establish your lease, he can use another lease as long as it complies with the law. If your landlord uses another rental agreement, the notes he must give you are the legal conditions for private rentals.