Facebook Management Agreement

iii) The customer must provide all content before the start of administration (brand values, guide style, images, etc.). Step 2 – Note. This includes creating your accounts and profiles, creating and designing relevant social media sites. Their profiles are at least checked to make sure they have been properly set up. They are then required to provide content (photo bank, logo and relevant content). Evolution presents your digital strategy and a recommendation for your management program for your approval and registration. The conditions under which Evolution Design Agency provides social media management and social media management are defined in this agreement and in the general conditions of the Evolution Design Agency (depending on the time). i) If the 3-month contract is terminated, access to the customer`s social media sites (including usernames and passwords) is revoked by the customer. This document can be used in any scenario in which a customer wants to hire a distributor.

It can be used by both parties – in other words, for a distributor looking for a standard model for customers, this would be a good fit. The size and structure of campaigns and/or results do not matter: this agreement can be used for all kinds of marketing relationships on social media. The customer guarantees that everything he makes available to Digital Squad in the Facebook Ads campaign is legally in the customer`s possession or authorized by the customer. The client accepts that, except to the extent that: the fraudulent act, the omission or deliberate violation of this agreement by Digital Squad, and its executives, collaborators and contractors are not, to the extent permitted by law, to be liable against the client or his clients, senior executives and contractors, or any other entity, for any claim of any kind: any dispute, difference or issue arising from this agreement is settled amicably between the parties, otherwise, according to the laws of England and Wales. The place of arbitration will be Manchester, England. The client and the Agency comply with all legal provisions. This agreement is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom, including those of England and Wales. Such an agreement also includes standard contractual clauses, such as the choice of law and court. Digital Squad will provide the customer with day-to-day management of the Facebook ad (hereafter referred to as “Facebook Ads”), as described in this agreement.

The customer gives Digital Squad the full right to establish, adapt and increase advertising expenses in order to increase and adapt advertising expenses, as far as the law permits and subject to any consumer guarantees, which the customer has under New Zealand`s Consumer Law, the parties agree that neither party is liable to the other for or for the consequent damages (which are not limited to loss of earnings, loss of loss, loss of business opportunities, loss of expected business opportunities, expected savings losses and damage caused by commercial assets) related to the parties` obligations or resulting from a breach of the agreement by the parties.