What Is A Sag-Aftra Student Film Agreement

If you`re looking for a SAG short film contract, this is probably the right place to start. Under this specific theatrical convention, you can only hire SAG-AFTRA actors as lead actors, and the first 57 background actors recruited must also be unionized. If your production requires more than 57 background actors, the 58th recruitment and beyond should not be unionized and are therefore not covered by the terms of the theatre contract. If you are considering hiring a Principal Performer or background actor (and not having hired 57 other substantive actors) who are not yet members of SAG-AFTRA, you have 30 days after signing the contract to submit the Taft-Hartley report to your representative, with a headshot and CV, in order to grant union status and comply with the contractual rules. The key to this process is to actively inform producers (and interpreters) of the benefits of cooperation under structured agreements. I think your article does a good job of introducing the topic for those who are curious to work with professional actors. For producers who want to take care of all the details and SAG-AFTRA contract options first, countless resources are available to www.sagindie.org/ and in www.sag-aftra.org. So, what`s here? I have put together a few tables below that range from a very high-level perspective to a deeper perspective. According to all this amazing data is a breakdown of rules and penalties by appointment. I go into naked saga plans for the day and weekly players, not to mention all things related to food and rest penalties, over time, 6th day, 7th day, and holiday payment rules and much more. So if you`re looking for a place that has what you need for sag rates and rules, you`ve found it, so tie yourself up and get ready. Unlike other signatories, the New Media Agreement does not require minimum compensation. Initial compensation is fully tradable under the SAG-AFTRA New Media agreement for productions that do not meet the high budget threshold.

Although there are no minimum requirements under the agreement, there are local, state and federal minimum wage laws that need to be monitored because they are still in place. The payment is due to the exporter no later than five working days after the working time. The SAG and Health Or AFTRA Health and Pension Contributions are due on the negotiated severing pay of 17%. SAG-AFTRA TELEVISION agreements are based on content type, media and, in some cases, budget. For example, programs that go directly to a streaming service (such as Netflix) and have a budget of less than one million can be covered by the new media agreement, but for all programs on that budget – even if they go directly to streaming – the SAG-AFTRA TV contract applies. SAG-AFTRA divides TV contracts into four categories: 1. Professional Union Actors know that it`s part of their job to be on time, to be ready for the day`s shoot, to know how to make their mark, to make multiple takes and to keep the drama on screen and out of production.