Unemployment Agreement Update

Employment growth is slowing and layoffs are increasing. Last week, for the first time, 898,000 people filed unemployment benefits, the highest level of new unemployment claims in two months. An additional 373,000 people who are not entitled to traditional unemployment have applied for pandemic unemployment benefits. Both sides already agree on the need for a new round of stimulus measures of up to $1,200. Additional federal funds for unemployment insurance, in addition to what states are already making available, are also at stake. The CARES Act included a weekly add-on of $600. A second stimulus package would likely involve another payment ranging from $400 to $600. Pelosi prioritizes immediacy and says, “The need for action is immediate, and we believe we could reach an agreement with negotiations in good faith.” Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, the second-tier Democrat, pointed out that the exclusion of controls, while guaranteeing assistance to small businesses and assistance to tenants, was the only way to reach an agreement with Republicans, who set firm limits to the final price tag of the law. The $900 billion stimulus package is the latest variant of a $908 billion proposal on December 1, which was split in two until Monday. The first is a basic bill worth $748 billion, which includes unemployment financing and other measures. The second is a $160 billion law that denies the two most controversial issues that could capsize an agreement: money for public, local and tribal funding on the one hand; and a liability shield to protect companies from coronavirus-related lawsuits, on the other hand.

Questions and Answers: The Next Stimulus: No Checks, but An Additional $300 of Federal Unemployment Benefits Washington – With time expiring, lawmakers on Sunday concluded a COVID 19 discharge bill, which would provide about $300 in additional weekly unemployment benefits at the federal level, but not another round of $1,200 in direct payments to most Americans , so for President-elect Joe Biden, next year, this issue would be struggling with a new congress. Costco Senior Hours update:Several clubs have different special hours for seniors, the most vulnerable in the middle of COVID-19 Supported by senators like Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, and Mitt Romney, a Utah Republican, the proposal would provide $180 billion for unemployment aid. A second, smaller economic review would be a way to keep the cost below the trillion-dollar cutoff that Republican lawmakers have argued in the past. Last week, the White House proposed a $918 billion plan with $600 in maximum stimulus controls. This was rejected by democratic leaders because the proposal also reduced $300 in weekly unemployment insurance benefits at the federal level, which would help support job seekers through April.