Service Level Agreement Digitalocean

AWS is a more complex platform and takes time to get used to it. The learning curve is steeper than DigitalOcean`s. On the other hand, it offers more services and offers a higher degree of flexibility. When using our services, it is your responsibility to keep your contact information up to date. In addition, we cannot be held responsible for the third-party services that you could use with our services. AWS is the largest and most important player in the cloud market and has been present since 2006. Benefits include a variety of products and services, several data center sites and security protocols at the enterprise level. Customers agree that UpCloud can process and make access to the personal data of its subprocessors outside the customer`s country of residence in order to provide the service. When processing is subject to EU data protection legislation and personal data from the European Economic Area (EEA) is transferred to a subprocessing for processing in a country outside the EEA, which is not recognised by the European Commission as an appropriate level of personal data protection , UpCloud provides appropriate guarantees through standard contractual clauses. , adopted or approved by the European Commission and applicable to treatment by the a-EEA subprocessor or any other appropriate safeguard provided by the regulation. When you run a Tor service, you are responsible for sub-users who make a connection. There is no way to tell the difference between user abuse and sub-user abuse, so the malicious activities of your sub-users identify your account.

This can lead us to block your account and destroy your virtual servers. Load Balancers are fully managed load clearing services for channeling network traffic to Droplets groups. It helps ensure that your application services stay online. The AWS product range is huge! There are more than 100 offers on their website and they cover not only infrastructure requirements, but also value-added services on the IaaS station. Detailed information can be found on the AWS products page. tl; Dr We promise to provide your services as you have requested. And if not, let us know and we`ll be happy to fix it. AWS supports thousands of corporate customers around the world and their security protocols meet fairly high standards. Business owners can be assured of maximum cloud security with AWS. The payment of compensation. If a bug in the services has been fixed, UpCloud offers the customer compensation that the customer can recover within 15 days.

The compensation is paid in the form of credits to the customer`s service account and cannot be exchanged for cash or other payment methods. DigitalOcean offers Managed Kubernetes services for businesses. This feature helps users quickly provide cubenets and improve resource use. DigitalOcean Kubernetes applications can be run in any supported environment. Size. This service level agreement (“SLA”) is an integral part of the contract between UpCloud and the customer. The following terms and conditions (terms and conditions, terms and conditions or agreements) apply to your participation in the affiliate program offered by Cloudways (us, ours) or one of our affiliates. The affiliate program (the program) allows you to promote (the Affiliate, your) Cloudways Services and receive commissions as stated in this CGV.