Domain Name Licence Agreement

The other party, the licensee, admits that it will not in any way use the domain name that could affect the licensee`s rights in the domain name or negatively affect the value of the domain name. The word “brand,” after a trademark and against the generic name of the product, continues to protect against misuse. “Marks” more specifically reads the trademarks registered by GSK or its related companies for the marketing of products covered in point (i) of the product definition in all or part of the territory, as indicated in Schedule 1, including extensions and potential applications for this purpose. For reasons of clarity and avoidance of doubts, the trademarks do not include any of the names (or variants of these) of Glaxo Wellcome Inc., Glaxo Wellcome plc, GlaxoSmithKline LLC, GlaxoSmithKline Inc. or any of their associated companies or brands that are usually associated with these names. NB This document is not intended for licensing or acquiring intellectual property rights (for example. B registered and unregistered trademark rights) that could be associated with the domain name. 18. Relations between the contracting parties. In the establishment and implementation of this agreement, the parties act as independent entities and nothing that is included in this agreement must be interpreted or implies to establish an agency, partnership, joint venture or employer and worker relationship between GSK and Biovail. Unless otherwise stated, neither party may, on behalf of or on behalf of the other party, take out insurance, guarantee or an explicit or implied undertaking.

No party is responsible for the act of another party, unless such an act is expressly approved in writing by both parties. 13. Full agreement, exhibitions and other documents. This agreement, as well as the attachments, as well as the applicable provisions of the APA, the other transaction documents, constitutes the entire agreement and replaces all previous written and oral agreements between the parties and between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement. Exhibits are an integral part of this agreement. To the extent that this agreement and the APA provide inconsistent provisions regarding the use of brands and/or clothing of products by Biovail, this agreement regulates. The party that has the domain name, the licensee, gives the licensee certain assurances that the domain name is available to the licensee during the term of the contract. This domain name license agreement stipulates that the licensee may exercise this option at any time during the term of the contract (or another period that may be indicated) by communicating in writing to the licensee. After this notification, the licensee must pay the pre-agreed purchase price to an agent. The licensee must ensure that the agent is required to pay the price to the licensee when transferring the domain to the licensee. How would a domain name purchase option be exercised? A long-term strategy.

The situation assumes that the owner of the domain name, who does not wish to abandon it, prefers to rely on a long-term revenue strategy. The introduction of a license in such a context may be notified, in particular, when the objective economic value of the domain name on the market on the “T” date is deemed insufficient by the holder.