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Entered Into Share Purchase Agreement

When a company acquires all or a substantial portion of the shares of a target company, that investor also acquires its debts. As a result, a capital transaction is usually accompanied by full due diligence (“DD”), not only to understand the potential commitments of the purchaser, but also to clarify important information about the […]

Employment Agreement Car Allowance

You should receive this employment allowance and choose a vehicle suitable for your choice. As a company, you should include your right to benefit in your contract, as well as the employee`s liability for his vehicle. Yes, at your normal income tax rate. A duty tax on service cars (non-abatement) generally entails much higher […]

Effective Date Of Agreement Definition

The date of the contract – good practices. Be careful with the date of the agreement: if the agreement has coverage, there will probably be a date and contract lines will also include a date in many cases. In addition, the signing words of the agreement (just before the signature blocks) often contain a […]

Duti Setem Tenancy Agreement

Stamp duty can be done at any branch of the Inland Revenue Board (IRBM) The best rental agreement to protect your rights is an agreement provided by an accredited lawyer. It should be terminated by the National Council of Malaysian States of Law (IRB) to ensure that it is valid. For all these lawsuits, […]

Download Rent Agreement In Word Format

The full address of the rent (street address, city, land and postcode). Once you have established the lease and have everything with your new client, both parties will sign the contract. You may need to calculate the rent due based on when the tenant moves in. The difference between a lease and a lease […]

Domain Name Licence Agreement

The other party, the licensee, admits that it will not in any way use the domain name that could affect the licensee`s rights in the domain name or negatively affect the value of the domain name. The word “brand,” after a trademark and against the generic name of the product, continues to protect against […]