Delivery According To Agreement

2.5 We can charge the customer at any time, once the delivery has been made or the service. 1.2 The terms of sale made available by the Buyer that are contrary to these Terms or Amendments do not apply, unless the Supplier has given its prior written consent in each particular case. To avoid any doubt; These conditions only apply when the supplier makes the delivery to the customer without reservation, regardless of the supplier`s knowledge of the customer`s contrary terms and conditions. 2.1 Subject to an explicit contrary agreement, our prices are indicated in EUROS, from the factory, without tax on turnover, other public taxes, packaging, insurance, freight, assembly or commissioning. 8.7 In the event of a late payment or other breach due by the customer, we are entitled to terminate the contract under German law and to demand the delivery of our booking or condominium. 6.4 We assume no liability for infringement of intellectual property rights if a product was manufactured to the customer`s specifications or if the alleged violation is the result of a combination with another product that does not originate from us, or if the product is used in a way that we could not foresee. 3.1 The supplier must deliver the products on the agreed delivery date to the customer. Compliance with the delivery date by the supplier is conditional on the customer fulfilling its own contractual obligations, including, but not only, receiving the specifications, documents, authorizations and advances (if any) by the customer in a timely manner. If the customer does not strike such an accomplishment, the delivery date will lengthen accordingly. 10.2 The buyer must inspect the goods immediately at the time of delivery or check the goods.

The inspection includes counting the amount delivered and checking the net weight before entering the delivery certificate. The buyer is deemed to consider that the delivered goods have not been accepted, unless the seller receives the reasons for the refusal in writing as part of: 3.1 Until the seller obtains the buyer`s agreement, the seller is entitled to give his consent with a third party on the goods offered to the buyer, so that the seller`s offer no longer exists. When the buyer accepts the proposed merchandise from the seller after the seller has caved in with a third party on that merchandise, the seller must inform the buyer that the offer is no longer immediate and the buyer cannot guarantee damages. 2.4 Subject to an explicit contrary agreement, we have the right to demand advances for products that are not in stock; i.e. one third of the amount after receiving confirmation of the order and another third after notification of availability to shipping. 7.1. Unless the parties have written agreements, the delivery dates indicated in the order confirmation are set as the date on which the Seller informed the Buyer that the goods are ready to be delivered and have been made available to the buyer. The risk of loss or deterioration of the goods is transferred to the buyer depending on the delivery.